Ode to October

Sincere sorrys for missing October's post.  Hopefully a little taste of all the Fall Sessions will make up for it.

For those of you who aren't from Vermont - you just don't know the Good, Bad and Ugly of October.  Yes, it is the most colorful months of the year - mainly peak foliage season a.k.a 'leaf peeper season' - but, October can have some of the most bizarre and unpredictable weather of the year.  Sunny and 60 one morning, and misty winds in the afternoon with a *chance* of impending snow storms.

The 1st of the month kicked off with Amy and Brady's amazing DIY wedding at The Intervale in Burlington, VT.  The weather was perfect (although rain was expected) complete with the start of the beautiful fall colors.

The last wedding of the season was Katharine and Trevon.  The weather was the complete opposite.  Rainy, COLD and WINDYYYYYY, but everyone in the Bridal Party were total troopers!  Check out the paper roses in the bouquets and POPS of fall colors.  A beautiful couple outshines the weather any day.

And then there's everything in between.  Hope you enjoy the beautiful colors (now that we are in stick season) and lasting memories of a great October.