January : Kicking off the New Year!

This being my first year as a full time Photographer, I wasn't sure what my Winter was going to look like.  I couldn't be MORE thrilled to post from this week's elopement at Killington - The First Wedding of the Year!

It was a beautiful crisp day with blue skies and a wind chill of -37 degrees.  Oksana walked up to the K1 Gondola in her beautiful dress (complete with base layer underneath) and Dan in his dashing suit and tie.  MB (the JP) and I were both bundled up for the cutting winds and hip-deep snow we encountered at Killington Peak.  The ceremony was brisk, and the happy couple were total troopers as we stopped on our path back to the Peak Lodge.  We warmed up in the lodge for a little bit and then headed back outside for a few more portraits - one of my favorite moments was asking Oksana if she could inscribe their initials on the side of the frozen building - she did not even hesitate GOUGING the stems of her bouquet into the frost.

Huge Thanks to the bartender who hooked us up with some hot chocolate, and our ambassador, Glenn and all of Killington for letting us up a little early for a beautiful ceremony.  Hope you all enjoy some of the photos from Oksana and Dan's amazing elopement!