April: Early Spring Elopement

It is just the best when clients contact me and tell me that they are traveling to Killington to elope.  It's one of my favorite things, especially on the most sunny and almost warm day we've seen at the Killington Peak in a while.

Amy and John chose to be married right outside the Killington Peak Lodge, a place they've never been before.  Both being avid snowboarders, they wanted to share their vows with a few family members at the Beast of the East.

John was dapper, Amy was beyond gorgeous, and both completed their ensemble by sporting their snowboard boots!  Like I said, it was the most gorgeous day I've seen in months - the visibility from the peak was pristine, and the amount of love and fun these two have for and with each other was evident when they welcomed selfies and hometown songs by the Monday locals and onlookers.

Hope you all enjoy some moments from this Destination Elopement featuring a fun-loving couple!