March: Spring in AZ

Sorry to being a little removed lately, but as the Wedding Season closes in, I thought it was a good time to unplug, and take some time for myself. After not seeing my dad (Ron) for nearly one and a half years, I knew that paying him a visit was a must. He’s in love (with Bonnie) and living his best nomadic life - currently in Tucson, AZ. 2 weeks flew by, and we had some amazing adventures exploring the Saguaro National Park, Desert Museum, Mount Lemmon and the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Park. On my last day to visit, they (we call them RonBon) were bringing me back to Phoenix for my flight the next day. I convinced them to let me take some photos of them in the desert bloom at Picacho Peak State Park. Hope you all have had a great winter, start to spring, and have an amazing summer! Enjoy <3